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A Self-Assessment

We’ve outlined a few starting points for you to consider the impact of your actions on Indigenous people. We encourage you to revisit these questions and others throughout your journey to work in solidarity with Native nations. Read More

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Beyond Land Acknowledgment Series

In fall 2019, we released an online guide to Indigenous land acknowledgment. Since then, we’ve received hundreds of inquiries from educators, city government officials,… Read More

Go to Our Predictions for 2021

Our Predictions for 2021

Native nations have always been and will remain sovereign. They’ll continue to support and protect their citizens and their surrounding communities. We expect to see Native nations continue to exert their sovereignty in big ways in 2021. Read More

Go to 2020: Our Top Sovereignty Highlights

2020: Our Top Sovereignty Highlights

Indigenous people stood strong in 2020, working to rebuild their nations and forging a path toward an Indigenized future. While the year challenged us, it also brought us several victories for Tribal sovereignty. We've identified our top highlights from the year that we're certain will have an impact on Indian Country long into the future. Read More

Go to McGirt v. Oklahoma and Our Region

McGirt v. Oklahoma and Our Region

On July 9, 2020, the United States Supreme Court announced its highly anticipated decision on McGirt v. Oklahoma. The Court ruled against the… Read More

Go to Tribal sovereignty and COVID-19

Tribal sovereignty and COVID-19

How does Tribal sovereignty operate during COVID-19? Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Tribal nations have set an example for sound, future-oriented policy on a local, state,… Read More

Go to A guide to Indigenous land acknowledgment

A guide to Indigenous land acknowledgment

After hosting an Indigenous land acknowledgment event, we put together this written guide to based on our panelists' responses. Read More