Sponsorship Opportunities

Event Sponsorships

Our event sponsorship program offers businesses, nonprofits, and individuals the chance to meet their goals and partner with an Indigenous-led, community-focused organization.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge about topics related to our mission with members of the broader community. Native Governance Center offers several free events throughout the year that are accessible and open to all. Our sponsorship program offers community partners a unique opportunity to support these events.

Our event sponsorship program will help you:

  • Increase visibility among your target audiences and/or new audiences.
  • Gain a customized, unique opportunity to promote your brand.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to giving back to the community, especially to BIPOC-led organizations.
  • Reach your potential customers through a channel/platform they trust.

Want to learn more about sponsorship? Download the community event sponsorship guide for our 2022 events.

Contact Us

Lauren Kramer

External & Donor Relations Officer lauren@nativegov.org

Sponsorship Impact

Here’s an example of the type of impact you can expect to see as a community sponsor (based on impact data from one of our 2021 events). You’ll reach:

  • A live audience of 1,300 on event day.
  • A post-event audience of 18,000 (and counting) via our recordings.
  • An email audience of 800.
  • A social media audience of 15,000.

Primary attendee demographics:

  • Our event audience is racially/ethnically diverse and most often from the Twin Cities area.
  • Our top three audience groups by age and gender are women ages 25-34, 35- 44, and 45-54.

Upcoming Events

Sorry, there are no upcoming events.