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Our community engagement program brings accessible, educational content related to our mission to the broader community. Awareness is the first step toward action; we educate the community with the goal of seeing increased respect for Tribal sovereignty and better outcomes for Native people. An informed public is more likely to advocate for and support Native nations’ goals.

We’re also passionate about finding ways for everyone to get involved with issues related to sovereignty, nation rebuilding, and Indian Country. All of us have a role to play in building an Indigenized future. Join us, and learn how you can help!

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Cree Rose Dueker

Program Manager - Community Engagement

How We Engage the Community

We engage a wide cross-section of communities through events and resources. We offer free public events several times per year featuring speakers from across Indian Country. Check out our event feed calendar below to learn more and sign up.

We also create accessible, mission-related resources that anyone can use and share, including online guides, articles, and explainer videos. Visit our resources page for more.

Take Action

Have you ever written or heard a land acknowledgment statement and thought, “What’s next?” Are you looking for ways to fill gaps in your learning that will help you support Indigenous people and nations? Check out our current topic presentations to learn more.

Community Engagement Event Attendee

“Native Governance Center’s event helped me learn how I, as an ally, can help call attention to cultural appropriation and the harm it causes to the greater community.”

—Community Engagement Event Attendee

Upcoming Events

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