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Our New Values

Earlier this year, we redesigned our organizational values. (You can find them here.) We love how clear, concise,… Read More

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Indigenous Leaders in Governance

The Indigenous Leaders in Governance program, launched in early 2021, is specifically designed for elected Tribal leaders and offers a deep dive into traditional forms… Read More

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Native Nations Listening Tour Findings

Native Nations Listening Tour Findings Have you heard about our Native Nations Listening Tour (NNLT)? Our organization delivers on-the-ground programming that’s designed to meet Native… Read More

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Our Predictions for 2021

Native nations have always been and will remain sovereign. They’ll continue to support and protect their citizens and their surrounding communities. We expect to see Native nations continue to exert their sovereignty in big ways in 2021. Read More

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2020: Our Top Sovereignty Highlights

Indigenous people stood strong in 2020, working to rebuild their nations and forging a path toward an Indigenized future. While the year challenged us, it also brought us several victories for Tribal sovereignty. We've identified our top highlights from the year that we're certain will have an impact on Indian Country long into the future. Read More