Tribal Finance


Our Tribal Finance program is a two-year, cohort-based experience. We deliver the program in partnership with CliftonLarsonAllen LLP to help support Native nations in building their financial leadership and capacity. Participating nations benefit from assessments, training, resources, and mentorship.

Our program involves both elected Tribal leaders and finance staff. Small groups from each participating nation work together to identify their vision for their financial future. We equip them with skills, tools, and networks grounded in Native nation rebuilding principles to help them realize that vision.

“Nation rebuilding” is the process of creating culturally-relevant governance institutions through five established elements of success: sovereignty, strong governing institutions, cultural match, seventh-generation thinking, and transformational leadership.

Native nations in our region have identified a need to strengthen their financial infrastructure. Solid financial management practices are crucial components for strong governance and thriving nations.

Join us in helping make the field of Tribal financial leadership more visible, active, and vibrant!


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Kathryn Young

Program Manager - Tribal Finance

Sasha Strong

Program Coordinator - Tribal Finance

What to Expect

During the two-year program, participants will benefit from:

  • An in-depth financial assessment
  • Cohort style convenings and trainings
  • Peer learning with other Native nations
  • A dedicated mentor for participants from their nation
  • Technical assistance and project-based funding

During year one, participants will receive training on financial strategy, leadership, and systems, among other topics. In year two, they’ll build on year one by attending gatherings, conducting assessments, and performing a deep dive to understand how they can apply program learnings to their nation.

Participating nations will receive funding to help resource financial capacity-building projects. Native Governance Center will cover all costs related to convening lodging, meals, and supplies for program participants.

Rebuilding Tribal Finance Explainer Video

2024-2025 Tribal Finance Program

Our next Tribal Finance cohort will launch in January 2024. Learn more about important dates for the cohort and overall program structure here.