We’re passionate about finding ways for everyone to get involved with issues related to sovereignty, nation rebuilding, and Indian Country. We can all play a role in building an Indigenized future. Explore our Community Engagement offerings and learn how you can help!

We engage a wide cross-section of communities through events and resources. We offer free public events several times per year featuring speakers from across Indian Country. Check out our event feed calendar below to learn more and sign up.

We also create accessible, mission-related resources that anyone can use and share, including online guides, articles, and explainer videos. These and more can be found on our resources page!

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What We Offer

We offer virtual trainings to groups and organizations! Below are the topics we’re currently offering. We’ve listed the sessions in order from most beginner to most advanced; however, all sessions can be suitable for a beginner-level audience.

For more information on virtual trainings and pricing, contact Lauren Kramer.

Native Nations 101 provides attendees with an introduction to Tribal sovereignty and how Tribal governments work. Presenters draw on real-life, on-the-ground experience to educate about the realities and challenges faced by Tribal leaders. The session also introduces the Native nation rebuilding movement and Tribal nations’ visions and goals for the next seven generations.

Native Nations 101 is a great session for beginners looking to grow their baseline knowledge and learn to cultivate authentic relationships with Native nations.

Do you ever feel hesitant searching for the right language to use to talk about Native nations?

This session is for you! It covers terminology basics, what’s ok and not ok, and showcases the wide range of opinions on language and terminology within Indian Country.

The practice of Indigenous land acknowledgment is growing in popularity. You may have seen a land acknowledgment delivered at a conference, concert, or public gathering.

Beyond Land Acknowledgment explains what land acknowledgment is and why it’s important to go beyond a simple statement. The presentation walks attendees through the action planning approach, equipping them with tools to make a meaningful impact either individually or in the workplace or community.

Are you interested in appreciating Indigenous culture and avoiding cultural appropriation but feel unsure about where to start?

Attendees learn how to spot cultural appropriation and understand why it’s harmful to Indigenous people and nations. Presenters use real-life examples to demonstrate how cultural appropriation shows up in various industries, such as fashion, design, and wellness. Attendees come away from the session with strategies for avoiding appropriation, in addition to ideas for supporting Native artists and creators in the local community.

Didn’t see the topic you have in mind listed here? We occasionally offer customized presentations. Please reach out to us with your ideas.

Learning Resources

Beyond Land Acknowledgment Explainer Video

Try creating an action plan to go along with your land acknowledgment statement. Watch our video to learn how to create an action plan that’s specific, accurate, and impactful.

Blood Quantum Explainer Video

In this short video, we cover the basics of blood quantum to help you better understand its history and impacts on Native people and nations.

Language Matters: How to Talk about Native Nations Explainer Video

Do you ever feel hesitant when searching for appropriate language to use to talk about…

Beyond Land Acknowledgment: A Guide

Native Governance Center held an event on moving beyond land acknowledgment on August 25, 2021.

Cultural Appropriation and Wellness Guide

From yoga to “smudge kits,” wellness is on trend right now. While wellness practices can help us to unwind and de-stress, they also raise major questions about cultural appropriation and theft from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities.

Indigenous Wealth Guide

Indigenous wealth is about decolonizing and revitalizing what it means to be healthy and live in abundance. Read our guide to learn more.

Upcoming Events

Become a Rebuilder!

We’re excited to announce that applications for Rebuilders Cohort 13 are open now through October 2, 2023.

TikTok and Sovereignty

Hear from Indigenous content creators about their real-life experiences using TikTok to educate and activate about sovereignty.

Join us during the Indigenous People’s Weekend Basketball Expo in St. Paul, MN! We’re looking for current Rebuilders and alumni to join our Rebuilders basketball team. We’ll also have a table setup during the event.