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Go to Indigenous Wealth Building Resources

Indigenous Wealth Building Resources

We held a virtual event on Indigenous wealth building, “Healing Our Future: Indigenous Wealth Building for Seven Generations,” in October 2021. These resources are based on our event content; we are grateful to our presenters for sharing their insight with us.  Read More

Go to Tribal Elections and Voting 101

Tribal Elections and Voting 101

Tribal elections rarely receive mainstream media attention, yet they have important implications for all of us. Having knowledge of how Native nations govern makes it easier to advocate for Tribal sovereignty and build relationships with Native people and nations. Read on for an introductory look at how Tribal elections work and why they matter. Read More

Go to It’s Time to End Public Law 280

It’s Time to End Public Law 280

As part of a suite of harmful Termination-era legislation, the federal government passed what is known as Public Law 280 in 1953. Read on to learn why Public Law 280 is harmful and should be ended in all states. Read More

Go to McGirt v. Oklahoma and Our Region

McGirt v. Oklahoma and Our Region

On July 9, 2020, the United States Supreme Court announced its highly anticipated decision on McGirt v. Oklahoma. The Court ruled against the… Read More

Go to Tribal sovereignty and COVID-19

Tribal sovereignty and COVID-19

How does Tribal sovereignty operate during COVID-19? Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Tribal nations have set an example for sound, future-oriented policy on a local, state,… Read More