The goal of our Tribal Civics Project is to empower and inspire Indigenous people to be civically engaged with their Native nations and governments. Strengthening civic engagement is important because it leads to strong leadership, governance, and the ability to create a self-determined future. Civic engagement can look like:

  • Getting involved with the community
  • Holding elected leaders accountable
  • Attending Tribal council meetings
  • Helping identify solutions to address challenges
  • Supporting voter engagement
  • Sharing historical and cultural knowledge

We created the project based on feedback from elected Tribal leaders. We recently carried out a Native Nations Listening Tour to gather information on Native nations’ needs, and many elected leaders mentioned the need to strengthen civic engagement among their Tribal citizens.

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Taking Action

The feedback we received during our tour aligned well with an action plan carried out by one of our Native Nation Rebuilders: Cohort 9 Rebuilder Levi Brown developed a Tribal civics course. While originally tailored specifically to his Native nation, our team worked with him and other leaders to create a Tribal civics model available to all interested Native nations. We hope this initiative will lead to more informed Tribal citizens who are empowered to participate in and contribute to their nations and governments.

What's Next

We successfully launched our virtual workshop series in 2022! We will continue to recruit Tribal citizens, Native changemakers, educators, and grassroots community leaders from various Native nations to participate in this program.

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