Michelle Red Day

Michelle Red Day
Program Manager - Tribal Governance
Bay Mills Indian Community

Michelle is passionate about connecting leaders to the wisdom and resources they need to better serve their Native nations. She is inspired by the strength and healing power of traditional Indigenous knowledge systems and practices. Michelle works to apply these values and ideas to policies and institutions to create positive change for future generations. She values Anishinaabe gikendaasowin (knowing), izhichigewin (doing), enawendiwin (relating), and gidakiiminaan (connecting to the land). Michelle brings experience working across the educational spectrum–in positions from the Head Start to the Tribal college level–to her role as program coordinator. These experiences have shown her the powerful impact that Tribal sovereignty can have on Native nations. She also leverages her experiences in social work, grant writing, and community organizing in her work to envision an unapologetically Indigenous future.

3 Things to Know About Me

  • I have completed six marathons and seven half-marathons. Running is my favorite form of self-care!
  • I love to read–I always keep a book with me just in case.
  • My three children are my favorite teachers and remind me to laugh and play every day.

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  • Tribal governance programs and services