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Native Governance Center is a Native-led nonprofit dedicated to assisting Native nations in strengthening their governance systems and capacity to exercise sovereignty.

Our Programs

Leadership Development

We provide leadership development training for Indigenous changemakers through our Native Nation Rebuilders program.

Tribal Governance Support

We engage elected Tribal leaders, administrators, and citizens in strengthening their Tribal governance systems.

Community Engagement

We bring mission-driven, accessible, educational content to the broader community.

Our Impact

In 2020, we expanded our impact through community engagement events, tribal governance assistance, and leadership development. Here’s a sample of what we accomplished:


People educated through community engagement events


Tribal citizens reached through facilitated election candidate forums


Changemakers received transformative leadership content as Native Nation Rebuilders

Upcoming Events

#SpringSustainer Campaign

Become a #SpringSustainer. Help us make an impact. Spring is our busiest season: we’re delivering governance workshops for Native nations, hitting the road for in-person…

Sovereignty and Outdoor Spaces

Interest in outdoor recreation surged during the COVID-19 pandemic; today, the number of Americans adventuring outdoors continues to grow. Unfortunately, the outdoor recreation industry and…

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Tribal Civics Guide Launch

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Blood Quantum and Sovereignty Resources

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