Upcoming Events


Attending an event is a great way to get involved with and learn more about Native Governance Center! We host a variety of events for different audiences throughout the year. Check out our events calendar below to learn more about and register for our upcoming events.

Sponsor an Event

Our event sponsorship program offers businesses, nonprofits, and individuals the chance to meet their goals and partner with an Indigenous-led, community-focused organization. Our program will help you:

  • Increase visibility among your target audiences and/or new audiences.
  • Gain a customized, unique opportunity to promote your brand.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to giving back to the community, especially to BIPOC-led organizations.
  • Reach your potential customers through a channel/platform they trust.

Want to learn more about sponsorship? Visit our sponsorships page.

Native Fashion and Sovereignty

Join us for Native Fashion and Sovereignty to explore how authentic Native fashion contributes to Native narrative change. We'll share how you can support Native designers and artists, and we'll also examine how Native nations are using their sovereignty to protect Native designs while advancing economic development through fashion.

NGC at Forum on Workplace Inclusion

Hilton Minneapolis 1001 S Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Native Governance Center staff are delivering a presentation, "So You've Written A Land Acknowledgment: Now What?", at the 2023 Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference in Minneapolis, MN. If you plan to attend the conference, we encourage you to join us for our presentation!

NGC at MNACPA Spring Conference

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Liberal Arts Engagement Hub 120 Pillsbury Hall, 310 Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, MN

The Native Governance Center team is presenting on Beyond Land Acknowledgment at the MNACPA's spring 2023 conference. If you're at the conference, come check out our session!

NGC at Reservation Economic Summit

Caesars Palace 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Native Governance Center is bringing a cohort of Tribal finance changemakers to the 2023 Reservation Economic Summit as part of the Tribal Finance Pilot Program.


Mystic Lake Event Center 2400 Mystic Lake Blvd NW, Prior Lake, MN

Native Governance Center staff are presenting on "How to Talk about Native Nations" at the 2023 MIEA Conference at Mystic Lake Event Center. If you're at the conference, we encourage you to join us for our presentation!

Event Resources

Cultural Appropriation and Wellness Guide

From yoga to “smudge kits,” wellness is on trend right now. While wellness practices can help us to unwind and de-stress, they also raise major questions about cultural appropriation and theft from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities.

What is Native nation rebuilding?

The Native nation rebuilding framework helps Native nations thrive. In this video, we explain the framework and how to put it into action.

Wings with Wayne

Are you ready to turn up the heat? We’re excited to announce the launch of Wings with Wayne, the show where sovereignty gets spicy! In each episode, our executive director Wayne Ducheneaux II visits with an Indigenous changemaker from our region to explore what sovereignty means to them. And, true to the show’s title, they also enjoy some VERY hot wings.