TikTok and Sovereignty

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September 27 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Indigenous content creators are using TikTok to raise awareness about Tribal sovereignty and advance narrative change. During TikTok and Sovereignty, we’ll hear from several Indigenous content creators about their real-life experiences using the platform to educate and activate. The event will explore why Indigenous content creators are using TikTok, strategies for achieving meaningful engagement, and the future of the platform as a space to transmit Indigenous knowledge and build Indigenous power.

Event Resources

Diversification of Tribal Revenue

Diversified revenue sources allow Native nations to effectively care for their people through social programming, economic development, and uplifting sovereignty. This resource highlights common ways Native nations are diversifying their revenue streams, and the benefits and challenges of each.

Rebuilders Cohort 13 Toolkit

This toolkit is a how-to guide for folks interested in helping us promote applications for Cohort 13 of the Native Nation Rebuilders program.

Legacies of Allotment and Indigenous Resistance

This guide is based in part on content from our June 2023 event,…