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Building a Network of Leaders

​Native Governance Center provides leadership development opportunities for Native Americans (both emerging and established​ ​leaders) through the Native Nation Rebuilders Program.​ The program​ is a two-year, cohort-based leadership ​experience that empowers participants to develop the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to effectively lead nation building efforts in their own communities. ​Nation building is a phrase that incorporates the processes by which a Native nation enhances its own capacity for effective self-governance and self-determination​. ​

During year one, ​Rebuilders ​expand their networks​ ​and learn leadership skills​. They then develop and implement action plans​ (nation building-focused community projects​) during their second year.

The goal of ​the program is to support the self-determination of the 23 Native nations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.​ It’s a​ response to direct feedback from Tribal leaders who indicated that leadership development would be crucial for ensuring the long-term success of their nations.

Enrolled members of the 23 Native nations sharing​ geography​ with Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota are eligible to apply​. ​Over 150 Tribal citizens from across the region have graduated from the program​.

Download our Rebuilders brochure with program details here: Native Nation Rebuilders Program Brochure

​Learn more about how to apply and find forms on our Applications page.

Rebuilders List

Find a complete list of Rebuilders with year of participation and Tribal affiliation.