Bringing the rebuilding movement to life

Here at Native Governance Center, we talk a lot about working to cultivate a Native nation rebuilding movement. We see this movement leading to a future where all Indigenous people can thrive on their own terms. We envision abundance, restoration, community building, brainstorming, and centering Indigeneity as elements of this new future. But what does the Native nation rebuilding movement look like? What does it mean to put the rebuilding framework into action? 

First, let’s start with the rebuilding framework. It’s a set of five research-based strategies that, when implemented together, help strengthen Indigenous governance:

  • Sovereignty
  • Capable governing institutions
  • Cultural match
  • Strategic orientation
  • Spirited leadership 

Strengthening Indigenous governance is important. Native nations with strong governance systems are better able to use their sovereignty to determine their own future and improve their quality of life. 

To illustrate what Native nation rebuilding looks like in practice, we want to lift up our Rebuilders for examples. These Indigenous leaders have graduated from our program and are working on the ground to implement positive change in their communities. We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Rebuilders-focused article series that will help bring the rebuilding movement to life through storytelling. Stay tuned for article releases throughout 2022.