Danielle Gangelhoff

Danielle Gangelhoff
Interim Executive Director; Director of Finance and Administration

Danielle’s favorite things about Native Governance Center? The mission, the annual group Halloween costume, and the shelving of the phrase “but we’ve always done it this way.” She values exploration — of possibilities, perspectives, and places. When there’s a dilemma, Danielle loves to hear about it, then brainstorm and test solutions (especially if the brainstorming allows her to create analogies). At Native Governance Center, Danielle applies a growth-mindset, creativity, and fun, as well as her background in nonprofit capacity building, to help the organization run smoothly. She loves supporting staff so they can focus on creating impact in their work with Indigenous changemakers and Nations.

3 Things to Know About Me

  • I can generally be found gardening, hiking, or globetrotting (or watching tv, let's be real).
  • I'm a mom to two dogs, Turbo and Bandit, and a lot of plants.
  • My StrengthsFinder themes are learner, achiever, woo, restorative, and developer.

Contact Me For

  • Native Governance Center’s mission, vision, and plans for the future
  • Finance inquiries
  • All things human resources