Youth Perspective: Colten Birkland

Colten Birkland is the Vice Chair of the Turtle Mountain Youth Council. He participated in the pilot year of our Youth Rebuilders program during summer 2018.

Having Native youth in media is more important than you may know. There are many Native youth across Native nations who feel like their voices will never be heard, or their ideas don’t matter. Through social media, I have found a way to share my voice, and I could not be more grateful.

Colten Birkland (l)

As a Native youth leader in my community, media has given me an outlet to share my experiences and accomplishments with my Tribe. It has allowed me to shed light on the amazing things that do happen on my reservation. There are countless times where youth have asked questions that I have been able to answer through media, giving them a voice to be heard. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and voice I have been given through media.

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