Youth Rebuilders

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In an effort to engage the next generation of Tribal leaders, Native Governance Center will pilot a leadership program for Native youth. Native youth play an important role in our communities and will be the next leaders. We need to nurture, support and inspire them to be the positive change they want for their communities. By providing nation building education and encouraging and inspiring their participation as tribal citizens and helping them find their role in their community, we will lay the foundations for engaged citizens.


What is Youth Rebuilders?

Youth Rebuilders is a summer experience that equips Native youth with nation building training and inspires them to share their visions for the future. Unlike the Native Nation Rebuilders program, we will not be taking individual youth applicants. Rather, we will ask youth groups or councils to apply through their group leader. As a pilot project, for the summer of 2018 we will select one group to participate in the program. We’ll meet the selected Youth Rebuilders in their own community and provide them with three days of fun, interactive programming.


Why Youth Rebuilders?

Youth Rebuilders grew out of the Native Nation Rebuilders Program as a way to develop the next generation of Native leaders.

Program Eligibility

  • Applications will only be accepted through the group leader of an established Tribal youth group. We are not accepting applications from individual youth.
  • All youth participants must be entering grades 8 – 12 in the fall of 2018.
  • Only youth groups from the 23 Native Nations located in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota are eligible for this pilot program in 2018.

How will the program work?

  • This will be a 3-day summer program.
  • We will work with on site support staff to bring programming to a youth council on their home reservation.
  • We will connect the youth with Rebuilders from their area to provide mentorship opportunities.
  • We will invite in Tribal leaders to share their vision with participants.
  • We will incorporate technology to bring a modern and engaging element to the program.

What will they learn?

  • Youth will leave with knowledge of nation building basics.
  • They will create a vision for the future of their communities that they can share.
  • They will help change the conversation from “What is my government/elected leaders doing for me?” to “What can I do to help my elected leaders move our nation forward?”.
  • They will identify ways to engage with their communities now and into the future.


Download the brochure as a pdf: Native Youth Rebuilders brochure