2022-2023 Pilot

We’re looking for four Native nations to join our 2022-2023 Tribal Finance pilot. Learn about whether our 2022-2023 pilot is right for your nation and how to apply.


Special thanks to the Bush Foundation for providing funding to cover the costs of the assessments, convenings, and participant support. All costs for lodging, meals, and supplies related to the convenings will be covered for program participants.


Do you have questions about the Tribal Finance program? Let us know, we’d love to talk with you!

Michelle Red Day

Program Coordinator - Tribal Governance michelle@nativegov.org


Each nation will designate up to eight participants, including a mixture of elected officials and finance department leadership. We are asking participating nations to commit to:

  • Sharing financial data for the initial assessments (will be kept confidential)
  • Participating in the full two-year pilot, including attendance at all convenings
  • Sharing your experience with peers
  • Full vaccination against COVID-19 for in-person convenings

2022 Projected Pilot Dates*

  • March – May:  Tribal assessments
  • June:  In-person convening
  • August:  Virtual convening
  • October:  In-person conference attendance for three representatives from each nation’s participants
  • November:  In-person convening

*While we are currently anticipating in-person convenings for 2022, future adjustments may be necessary due to COVID-19.