Our Programs

Customized Tribal Assistance

Working side by side with Tribes that have identified specific needs or issues, Native Governance Center helps create and implement governance solutions through technical assistance and consulting services. In some instances, Native Governance Center helps to diagnose and scope the problem; in others, we partner with subject matter experts to provide necessary assistance.

Native Nation Rebuilders

The Rebuilders program is a two-year, cohort-based initiative designed to help participants develop the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to effectively lead nation building efforts. Rebuilders access ideas and information, build their networks, and learn leadership skills. They then develop and implement action plans for nation building projects within their communities. Enrolled members of the 23 Native nations sharing territory with Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota are eligible to apply.

Tribal Resource Grants

Native Governance Center is committed to developing partnerships with elected Tribal leaders to support self-determination. Tribal Resource Grants help connect Native nations to resources – expertise, knowledge, education, and additional funds – to best strengthen governance through nation building strategies. Tribal governments, through their elected leaders, are eligible to apply to this grant program. Contact our program staff to learn more.