2019 Tribal Leader Orientation Highlights

We just wrapped up our Tribal Leader Orientation session held at the Blandin Foundation on January 17-18, 2019.

The 23 participating Tribal leaders from nine Native nations received an introduction to nation building through case studies and governance research; they also networked with fellow attendees at a Tribal leaders dinner. Among other highlights, they learned tips for effectively working with federal officials and lawmakers, ways to use social media to bolster their leadership, and exchanged wisdom and advice with other current and former Tribal leaders.

Event attendees reacted positively to what they learned. Our evaluations demonstrate that Tribal leaders believe they gained knowledge about nation building as a result of attending our event and plan to use that knowledge to inform their future leadership. Our survey also included several qualitative questions. Participants described their experiences at the Tribal Leader Orientation as follows:

“Every session had content that made me feel renewed and excited to share knowledge back with my Tribe.”

“The panel that talked about negotiating and compromise resonated with me. That way, you don’t have a lose/lose situation.”

“When I hear the words nation building, I think of building the infrastructure to grow and secure a stable and flourishing Tribal nation.”

“This opportunity was priceless.”

View additional evaluation results from our event:

We extend a huge thank-you to the Blandin Foundation, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, and the Northland Foundation for providing support for our Tribal Leader Orientation!