2019 Native Nations Tour

Early next month, our executive director and members of our program team will hit the road on a Native nations tour, a journey that will take them to all 23 Tribal nations in our region. They’ll travel thousands of miles in order to gather data on how we can best support the 23 Native nations located in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Back in 2016, Native Governance Center Executive Director Wayne Ducheneaux II completed a similar tour: we used the information collected during Wayne’s trip to guide the creation of our initial programming. Because we strive to support Native nations in strengthening their sovereignty, we believe strongly in gathering direct feedback from our Tribal partners. Program Manager Apryl Deel-McKenzie noted, “It’s important to us as an organization to listen to the nations that we serve and assess their needs from an inclusive, community-based approach.”

Creating Relevant Programming

During the upcoming tour, our staff will visit with Tribal leaders to learn more about what’s working for them, the most significant challenges they face, and how Native Governance Center can best support their work. We’ll use the data collected during these visits to inform the development of a survey, which we’ll also use to determine Tribal leaders’ needs. Our ultimate goal is to identify key strategies to infuse into our programming so that it remains relevant and useful to Native leaders across our service region.

Program Director Jayme Davis said the following about the tour: “This tour will help us further build out our Tribal Governance Support programming. We’ll directly implement the knowledge we gather so that we can continue to support Tribes in a way that best fits their unique needs.”

If you’re a Tribal leader or a Native Nation Rebuilder, we’d love to meet with you! To set up a meeting and/or to receive more details about our visit to your nation, please contact Apryl Deel-McKenzie, Native Governance Center Program Manager: apryl@nativegov.org.